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We’ve all been there. Sometimes our vehicle will behave in unexpected ways, even though we’ve been giving it the attention it deserves. One way is through the check engine light. You’re driving down the highway and you can’t help but notice that red/orange light pop up on your dashboard. It’s hard to ignore, but that’s because you shouldn’t be ignoring it. In fact, you should be calling FLX Auto Group in Canandaigua, NY. We use the industry’s most advanced engine diagnostic equipment to get to the root of what triggered your check engine light. That’s why we encourage motorists to let our professionals diagnose their vehicle. Never assume you know what the problem is and start fixing that. There could be multiple problems that you will not be aware of unless you have the appropriate equipment. Many symptoms appear to be one thing when they’re actually another. Your vehicle will not return to its original condition until you solve that problem. Ultimately, you can’t fix it if you don’t know about it, and you can’t know about it if you don’t have the proper diagnostic equipment.

No Need to Panic–Just Call the Right Shop!

There are a few ways to respond when the check engine light comes on. Some people will start to panic and think that their vehicle is about to break down. While we do believe it’s important to take your dashboard alerts seriously, we don’t think panicking is ever good for you or your vehicle. As long as you know that FLX Auto Group has your back, you have no reason to stress out about the check engine light. Whatever the cause, you can be confident that our dedicated technicians will find it and fix it. Other drivers will ignore the light. It’s not that they don’t care, but they may not think it needs immediate attention. Usually, there are no other warning signs to accompany the check engine light, like smoke under the hood or strange engine noises. This can be deceptive because there can be serious problems happening while you continue to drive. As a rule, motorists should act fast when they have a check engine light. Don’t panic, but don’t ignore it either. The initial light will be a solid and hard to ignore. This should give you plenty of time to get to FLX Auto Group or schedule an appointment. Eventually, the check engine light will start to blink. By then, you’ve waited too long and your vehicle’s about to break down completely. However, it’s still not too late. Our team can still handle any of your repair needs.

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Repair Today!

When dealing with the check engine light, timing is everything. The sooner you receive our thorough and accurate diagnostic service, the sooner you’ll know what’s wrong. It could be anything, from a loose gas cap to a faulty transmission. Let’s find out the truth together! Too many motorists waste time and money by trusting their check engine light to the wrong shop. You can depend on us to get you back to safe and confident road travel in no time. Give us a call today at 585-394-1985 to schedule a diagnostic appointment with our team. We can make that little light disappear today so you can breathe easy. You can even save time by scheduling right now using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you’re in the area–3452 State Route 247–with a dashboard alert, don’t pass us by. Stop in and meet our experts so we can provide your check engine light repairs.